Friday, January 20, 2012

Life with chickens

Once a week we  clean the chicken coop. When we first got the chickens cleaning the coop was easy. Now it's a little more work. They are no longer afraid of us,so they are always under foot. Our coop is very small,As you can see we have to raise the roof to add more straw. I can rake it out thru the small door in the front.
This is before we raked it out. You can see why we have to go thru the roof.I even had to take the picture thru the roof.
 This is a picture of the front of the coop. The dog run is there so we can lock them up at night. We have wild animals that would love to have them for dinner. We have a fenced  area at the front of the dog run so they have room to scratch around.
Before we can clean I have to give them meal worms to distract them, so they don't follow me around.

They love the stuff. Aren't they pretty. Miss Priss didn't want her picture taken.

This is the straw from the coop. We have to rack it out of the dog run before we can put it in the trash can.

Well it work for a little while. As I was spreading the new hay they showed up and decided to do it for me. They want me to think they wanted to help.  But I know they  just wanted to look for bugs.
 Do you see Miss Priss at the bottom of the picture. For some reason every time Rick takes the water to fill it. She has a fit. You would think we were killing her as loud as she gets.
Happy chickens!. Fresh water, clean home , and full bellies what more could you ask for.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have some really pretty girls too! What breed are these. I totally know what you mean about cleaning out their area. We have goats, chickens and rabbits we have to do this for on a scheduled basis. We will be adding pigs soon... Have super weekend and thanks again for stopping by.

  2. What a neat post..I'd love for you to share this @CountryMommaCooks Link & Greet party
    going on now-Sunday...Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Michelle ~
    Haha! Had to laugh at your comment about living in Alaska. We would love to live there in the summer time. We've visited a few time when my youngest daughter was going to college in Fairbanks. Don't think I would enjoy the long, dark COLD winters there, however. Especially this year!
    Your little hens are very lucky to get their coop cleaned every week! Mine get theirs cleaned only about six times a year. No schedule really, just when I have the time and energy to do it. I put the old hay/straw or shavings into my compost heap. Makes great stuff! They love to scratch around in there, too! They do the 'stirring' for me.
    Thanks for stopping in!

  4. These are MUTANT chickens. They lay HUGE eggs. I think that's their way of saying thank you to Rick and Michelle for spoiling them all week long...

  5. Ah, cleaning the chicken coop.....not the most exciting job around here that my kids do without complaining (ha ha ha!).

  6. Chickens are so helpful. Mine like to help when I shovel out the cow stall. Something about a pitchfork flying through the air really makes them want to help!

    New follower from Country Momma Cooks.

    Check out my blog I've got lots of 'farm' stories posted

  7. I just love your little chicken house!! My girls always want to "help" spread the new straw too so I usually just let them! :)

  8. NICE coop!!
    chickens are fun! and the eggs are yummy!!
    years ago i had some chickens and i couldn't believe how much different the eggs tasted!
    AND we used to use their POOP in the garden!! everything grew like crazy!!

    yours sure are lucky hens to have their house cleaning...weekly!! :)

  9. Thanks so much for linking up this weekend @ CountryMommaCooks Link & Greet party..Have a wonderful week!

  10. First timer! I really enjoyed the post. I will be following and using the helpful ideas!