Saturday, January 7, 2017

Welcome to Utah, Thanks a lot

Is this how Utah welcomes everyone or just those from California. 
I was really happy to see the snow at Christmas ( silly me ). I enjoyed shoveling the snow since I hadn't seen this much snow in 13 years. I was soon to learn ,there was a lot more heading my way.

Christmas was just the beginning. I have shoveled twice since then and my husband has shoveled three times. I don't mind shoveling, what upset me as you can see from the picture . Is that I had to go back out an hour later to shovel again.

The last time I had to shovel snow ( sorry no picture) It didn't snow ,but the wind blow like crazy. I end up shoveling snow drifts that were waist high. Which wouldn't have been so bad except the wind was blowing snow into my face the whole time. ( Bless my neighbor for snow blowing the last part of the driveway) . I was already an icicle by the time he came over.

 My husband works days so he is not here to shovel the driveway. We live on a busy street so parking in front of the house is not an option. Last thing I need is to have a 18th wheeler smash into my car or truck.Yes I know I am whining. I am sitting here with a bad head cold and felt like complaining. Sometimes you just need to complain to feel better.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cooking Pork Salsa Verde Stew on a wood burning stove.

Our new home has a big wood burning stove downstairs. I have been wanting to try to cook on it since we moved in. I finally was able to last night. I started with something easy Pork Salsa Verde Stew.
Even with the lights on it was really dark ( the stove is set back into the wall.)So I had to use a flash light to see. Which made for some interesting cooking. I was really surprised how easy it was and how well it turned out..  The only thing I would change is to have even thing ready and downstairs with me. Walking up and down those stairs about killed me .  I am planing on cooking more meals on the wood stove very soon.  Next time I am going to try biscuits.

Pork Salsa Verde Stew
1/4 cup flour
1tsp ground cumin
1 1/2 lb boneless pork lion( cut into bite size )
2 tsp olive oil
2 cans southwest corn and black bean
 Or you can use 1 (12oz) frozen corn with red and green pepper and add black beans
1 cup mild or hot Salsa Verde
3/4 cup water
 Sour cream

In a large bowl mix your flour and cumin together. Add your pork and toss. In a skillet or dutch over add olive oil Cook pork till brown making sure to add the left over flour to pan. Once browned remove from pan . Mix salsa, southwest corn,  and water together,add to pan . Stir making sure to scrape the bottom of pan to release flour and pork bits. Bring to a boil . Add pork back to pan and simmer on low for 10 min. 
Place in bowl add Cilantro, sour cream stir . Add cheese and enjoy
You can also add 1/4 cup of sour cream to stew before serving.

Hope you give this a try. It's so good.