Monday, November 9, 2015

Joey a women of true faith.

There is a blog I follow that is called This life I live. It belongs to Rory, of Joey and Rory. They are a country couple that sings and had a show on RFD TV. They are the true meaning of Faith. Their show was fun and entertaining. I really loved when they showed bits of their farm and live.
Joey has a smile that lights up the room. Even though they were only on my TV you could still feel the love that was in her heart. They truly loved the lord and you could see it even without them saying a word .
Joey has cancer and has left the hospital to go home and live and enjoy what time she has left. All her friends and fans have been praying for her. She is at peace with the answer God has given her. There is no anger in her.  She spends her day playing and singing songs to her little baby girl. She has shown me what TRUE Faith is. I pray that one day I may find that wonderful faith and peace she has found.