Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new year every one . May your new year be fulled with Blessing, Happiness, and Love.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My second best Kitchen friend

 My BFF Heidi  gave me this Vacuum Sealer for Christmas. It is fastly becoming my second best kitchen friend. Sorry nothing bets my Kitchen-Aid, But it's right up there. I love it. Its so compact I can leave it on the counter.  A bag holder fit on to the side. No more looking all over the kitchen for them. The cord is out in the picture. But it can hide in the back of the machine. I so love it. I even made extra for dinner last night and vacuumed it for my husbands lunches. I plan on making meals and vacuuming them for future meal when times are busy. Ok, maybe I am getting carried away. But it,s so cool. No more having to get the big one out of the storage area in the garage.
It does a great job. ( I had to get this out of the freezer to show you.) You put your food in ,then zip the top shut. Put the hand held handle on the circle. Turn it on and it does it's thing.  It shuts it self off when the air is gone. Fool proof  for people like me. You can get them on the internet at www.  I think Heidi is tired of me telling her how much I love this gift.But again it;s so cool!

I found these Ziploc bags at K-Mart. They work great with the Vacuum Sealer. They come in quart and gallon size. Now I won't have to order off the web when I run out.I am so happy! Isn't it amazing what makes me happy. Not money, just bags.  Something is wrong with me

Whats this

Whats this ! Grandma is upstairs ,time to check this out.It's white and soft.
This taste good. I wonder what Grandma was cooking. Where did she put it?
This looks good . Can I get the stuff off the sides.

What! You were done with it anyway!
Ok , that didn't work. Act  innocent.

Post problems

Had to change my background and delete some of my post to try to fix my blog. It was only showing two post at a time. Hopefully it fixed the problem. I will be adding two more post to check it out.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Up date on Sabrina.

 I was going to write a post on my trip to Solvang. But I got so may wonderful comments on Sabrina and her health that I decided to up date everyone. Some times after having a seizure  Sabrina loses her memory. That was the case this time. It lasted about a day and a half. She didn't answer to her name. She acted as if she didn't know who we were. She is kinda  back to normal  now. Don't worry this one is not bad. It's sweet and cute. While in the possession of her old owner, he breed her while she was still  a young puppy and constantly bred her. Since we have gotten her we have not breed her. The first time she came in heat we keep an eye on her. Every thing went well. About the time the puppies would be born, she stole my daughter's stuffed cat. She would clean it ,carry it every where, and put it to her belly like she was feeding it.If you came near her ,she would put her paw on the cat to protect it. The only problem was she use to attack our other dog Tanna ( if she got near her and her baby.) Tanna has learned not to get to close.  And Sabrina now trust us and Tanna a lot more. No more attacks and we can pick up her baby.She follows us and waits for use to give it back. After about three weeks she will hide her baby till next time then bring it out. My daughter finally found her cat and hide it from Sabrina ( A dear friend gave her the cat) So we bought a few new stuffed animals for Sabrina. She picked the stuffed bear.  She has had the bear for two years now. She is still cleaning and trying to feed it. I guess we should give it a name. If you have any ideas for a name let us know. Thank you everyone for your prays and kind comments.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sabrina,s bad night.

This is are dog Sabrina, Before I talk about her bad night, I need to give you a little back ground on her.  A man was selling her in front of Albertson. I thought She was pretty,but I already had a dog and two cats.So I had no plans to buy her. Especially for 2 hundred dollars! As we walk into Albertson I saw the boy holding her leash hit the dog in the face. When we came out she was cowering from people.  The boy then kicked her in the side.Not real hard ,but still it made me mad. I couldn't leave the dog there and walk away. So we told him we would buy the dog as long as it didn't attack our cats. He brought the dog to our house. She ran right into our house. She didn't bother our cats and Tana our dog started playing with her. So we bought  her. As they were getting ready to leave I told the father about the boy hitting and kicking the dog. He said boys will be boys. I had plan to find her a good home. I am sure you guessed it, that we're her new home. We cleaned her up and took her to the vet. A few nights later she had a seizure.  We made her an appointment at the vets. She had two more before her appointment. We found out she was beat bad enough ,that it could of caused the seizures. We have had her on meds for the past two years. She has one about once every 3 months. But tonight she had 5 in a row. I stayed with her and petted her head and tried to keep her calm. We have gone thru this before. But they were really bad this time. I was so afraid we would lose her. The vet warned us that she could die from them if they are real several. I know this is bad ! But I really want the old owner to have to go thru a seizure. Just to see what she has to go thru.  We found out she was chained and used only for breeding. The old owner was also abusing her On one final note He showed up about a year ago. He had the nerve to hint that we should of paid more for her. 

I know it sounds weird to ask people to pray for a dog,but we really love her.She is part of our family.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

FLeece Throw

Finally got my husbands throw done. It only took me a year. He probably gave up on ever getting it. It's great to cuddle under with the winter weather coming. The two layers make it really soft and warm.I made one a while back with three layers. That one is heavy and great for the
These quilts are easy to make. Just cut 10 inch squares. the amount depends on how big you want it.( I did 7 rows across and 10 rows down for my husbands.)
For a two layer quilt just put wrong sides together and sew an x across the square. For three layers put a 10 inch piece of filler fleece in the middle. ( just a cheap piece of white or cream fleece.) Sew the x across the square.  Arrange the squares the way you want them to look. Sew a 1/2 inch seam to join them.Make sure to number your rolls.That way you won't lose track of where you want them. After all your rolls are sewn together. Clip your 1/2 inch seam with scissors just till you get close to sew line. ( Don't cut sew line.) Then wash at laundromat! Do not use your machine! The cut fleece will ruffle up ,leaving a lot of loose threads.  Dry and enjoy. The quilt will shrink a little. Almost forgot unlike other quilts do not wash your fabric first.
 I used outdoor fabric. There is a lot of great choice out there. One more good thing about it,is it's reversible.