Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dutch Oven Cooking Chicken Delight

I was

I had to share this . It was so good. The next day I fried up the left over vegetables like you would fried potatoes. OMG they were so good. The next time I make this I will defiantly be adding extra vegetables so I can do it again. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We have land

My husband transferred to Hill Air Force Base. So we moved to Ogden Utah. It is so beautiful here. We found this great piece of land it is 3 and half acres of pasture land.  We plan to build a home on it and make it our new homestead. It will be a lot of work since it has had horses on it till yesterday. As you can  guess a lot of cleaning up after the horses. If you look close you can see the tree line in the back of the property. That is the end of our land.  I am in love with how open it is. We went there last night to stake where we wanted them to build the house. The sunset was amazing! I am so excited to live there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Saying good by to Great Women and Friends

 Before moving to Utah my quilter friends throw me a going away lunch. The food was great and the gifts were awesome,but the company was even better.  I will miss these girls so much. Everyone needs friends like these.

This is the bag that Debbie made me. I have been eyeing hers for a long time. Every quilter needs a bag like this.  It holds so much. I can carry large ruler sand cutting mats. The inside pockets hold my fabric cutters,pins, patterns, finished blocks, est.....  It will even hold my TV tray turn ironing board.  

We are living in our 5th wheel till our house is build, So this has come in real handed for keeping everything together. And makes quilting in the trailer so much easier. 

The girls got together and made me this Cat quilt. The picture is of my kitty Cleo.  They are all so talented.! This will be one of those quilts I will treasure forever. No matter how far apart we are I will always care for these special woman.  
                                                As you can tell Cleo  loves the quilt also .