Monday, December 28, 2015

Thoughts of Veggies dancing in my head.

We had a great Christmas this year. Now I find, I am ready to start planning my garden for next year. I have a bad habit of getting a head of my self. I am the type of person that Home depot and garden centers love. They always bring out all these beautiful plant ,way to early in the year.

Yes I know it's  way to early to buy or plant. But all those beautiful green plants just seem to knock the common sense right out of me. My eyes go glassy and I tell my self I can keep them alive. We  will have a warm spring. My cats won't eat the leaves this time...... ( Isn't denial great ! )

I am sure there are others like me who do the same thing. Why else would they  display them so early.  We buy, then they die, then we buy again. All the while the big man sit back  and counts his double profit off us.

Well not this year. No MORE buying seeds and putting them up and forgetting them ,till I have already bought a new batch.  NO MORE Letting those lovely green plants seducing me into  buying them way to early. This year I will be patient, I will watch the weather ,test the soil, and turn my back on the big man.  Yes this will be the year!!!!! ( Isn't denial great ! )