Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Storm on the way

 This is a shot from the front of my house. It doesn't look good. The weatherman said we should get 3 to 6 inches of snow. That doesn't bother me. What worries me is the wind and icy roads. I am hoping they don't close the roads due to wind and ice before my husband and daughter  can get home. They are talking about 30 to 45 mile winds. We live in the pass area, so it can be very dangerous. Especially since there is always someone on the road who thinks you can drive like its a hot summer day.

 Got the chicken coop ready for the storm. They have a nice clean heated area. Plenty of food and water.
                                  Of course ,they would rather be out in the cold watching me.
 Put straw on top of the four raised bed I have already planted. My poor apple trees have buds on them. Due to the warm weather we have been having. Luckily there are no blooms.
 I am already for the storm. I have my yarn ,a good book, and a course a cup of coffee.
My laptop is up and running. A heated throw, just what every woman need during a good storm. I also can't forget the four cats that are sharing my sofa with me. Or the two dogs at my feet.  I believe I am ready. Just as soon as my family gets home. It's always nice to know your family is safe.


  1. I hope everyone stays safe. We're getting around 3 inches of snow/sleet and then about 2/10th inch of ice during the day Thursday. For the first time I am logging in from home for work, I hope it works out. My Jeep just broke today so there is no getting off this ridge top with snow and ice to make an hour drive (in good weather) to work! I might be here Friday too.

    1. Stay safe and warm. Hope your jeep gets fixed soon.

  2. Hope you are all safe. We are getting freezing temps and snow here. We keep oil lamps and candles for back up too, when we expect (and for emergencies) a power outage.

  3. I hope everyone got home safe! That storm is getting to us late this morning but, luckily, neither of us has to drive anywhere.

  4. My husband was working up at the wind farms and there was snow falling. It was so cold. Glad you are all safe.