Thursday, February 21, 2013

Class may be cancelled

 While we were at Quartzite, I fell in love with these little scrubbers. They were a gift  from one of the couples there. When we return in March to visit Rick's father, she was going to teach me how to make them.   
 I went to Jo Ann's and bought 12 yards of netting. Now that I think back, that might be a bit much." I see a giveaway in my future."
Cleo enjoyed my purchase. I had a hard time keeping her off it.  I finally had to put it up in my quilt room.
It may have to stay  there for quite a while. I just found out that Ricks dad may have to return home early.
So we may not be making the trip to Arizona after all.
 This is bad news for more then one reason. I love Ricks family. But I was so looking forward to learning how to make different kinds of scrubbers. I am more of a visual learner. I like having someone show me how it's done. That way I know exactly what I am doing wrong. But if all else fails, I could look for a pattern on the internet.  Let just hope it doesn't come to that. I really want to go to Quartzite! Yes I am whining like a two year old. LOL


  1. Please post the instructions when you figure it out. These look really cute!
    You Can Do IT!


  2. Thanks I am going to do my best.

  3. Quartzite is a happenin' place in the winter! I hope you can find some instructions if you don't get to go, the scrubbies are cute! :)

  4. Give me a call; I know how to make them. They are the best for cleaning your cast iron pans.