Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Disappearing Chicken.

 Had a lovely evening at my friend Heidi's house. Around 10 pm I went home and had to put the chickens up. Because of the wild life around I always count them. I know I only have 5, but this night I had 4.  I check around the hen house since their fenced in.  Nope. I called Heidi for help. So here we were with flash lights walking the neighborhood looking for a black chicken  Of cause we were calling it. Like it was just going to walk right up to us, because it heard us. Right! After about a half an hour we gave up and Heidi went home. I decided to do one last check around the hen house. Only to get the crap scared out of me. Something lightly touched my head.Okay yes it sent me running. ( I am only human.) After I was done freaking out. I looked to see what had touched me. There she was, my chicken up in the tree. Do you think it might be time to clip her wings again?

I am learning new things all the time. Like when to cut their wings. I am new to raising chicken,hence the reason for only 5. I stated when our friends Mirian and Jim were building a new hen house and asked if we would like the old one and some hens. I have wanted chickens for a while so a cause I said yes. My husband was a little surprise to come home to a hen house and hens in a make shift fence. But he grow to love them and build them a great area. But we will see how long it last if, they keep disappearing.


  1. How funny! Glad you found her and she was okay! We have so many hawks and owls around here that our chicken pen has wire over the top, no escapees that way! :)

  2. I'm so glad you found her! Sort of scary though, especially right at Halloween time LOL!

  3. Hi Michelle! Glad she found you! LOL! We had two from our newest spring batch that kept flying out at night and sitting on top of the hen house or the top of the chicken wire fence. We did finally clip their wings... so far so good!
    Thanks so much for sharing on the Hen House Hop!

  4. Mine never fly any higher then their perches. I am so surprised how many of you have chickens in trees and rafters.