Thursday, November 24, 2011

Best Turkey I have ever had!

 Went to my friend Heidi"s house for Thanksgiving. She found a brine recipe for turkey. That is out of this world. It had so much favor and so, so moist.. She did make a few changes to the recipe, that put it over the top. I am stealing that recipe. She posted it to her blog.  But here is her secret Yes Heidi giving it away..( for the good of mankind and it's stomach..) Add twice the amount of brown sugar that you add of salt. So if the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of salt, you add 1 cup of brown sugar..  She made 3 turkeys. All a little different ,but all every good.  Every thing was great I think I gained 10 pounds in one night, but it was so worth it!


  1. Awe, you are too sweet bragging on little old me. Love you! See you again soon.

  2. Sounds great! My uncle told me this year that the average American consumes 4500 calories on Thanksgiving guess its ok if you gained ten pounds!