Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rag rugs have taken over.

 I have gotten so hooked on making these rugs. This is the fabric for Heidi's rug I am making for her Birthday. It's a late birthday gift, but then she knows how forgetful I am. She wanted a red ,white ,and black rug for her kitchen . She also wanted a little purple in it but I couldn't find a fabric that worked.  I bought most of it from Wal-Mart since it doesn't have to be a good quality . At 12 dollars a yard at the quilt stores, 3 dollars a yard sounds so much better. Especially since it takes about 10 to 15 yards for a standard rug. I got 20 yards since I wanted it a little bigger. The great thing about this craft is you don't have to buy fabric  you can use old sheets or clothing which you cut it into 2 inch strips.

 This has to be my favorite print.
This one is finished and beside my bed. I did have to fight with a cat to get it done since she felt it was a great place to sleep. I still have to look out for her in the morning when I get up.


  1. I'm with the cat ~ that rug looks cozy and love the colors :)

  2. Pretty! I love seeing what others are doing!

  3. Very pretty! I did one a few years back and used 18 yards give or take. Unfortunately I used the double crochet to save time, but it loosened up after one washing and now the dirt falls through the holes to the floor! Oh well. Live and learn!