Friday, March 7, 2014

My world of Aprons.

This chicken apron is one my dear friend Debbie helped me make.  I quilt but have never worked with a clothes pattern before. She felt an apron was a good start. I love the big pockets for clothes pins.. I learned so much from her in just one day. She is one great seamstress on top of being a great teacher especially with me as a student.
 This is the apron Heidi made me one year for Christmas as you can see from the picture below it is reversible. Sorry it is so wrinkled I had to get it out of the dyer to take a picture of it since I wear it a lot.

 This is the first apron Dolly made for me. This is another one that is worn a lot.
 I love this apron so much. Dolly also made this one for me. What was great about this one I was able to custom make it for my taste. She  took my favorite colors and then gave me choice of fabric and accessories . I don't wear it a lot for fear of messing it up.  But I love looking at it.
 This is my husbands apron for grilling. Which I steal from time to time.

 Dollar store apron. I use it for painting since it is plastic, it's easy to wipe paint off of it.
 Another dollar store apron . I just liked the snowman.
Ok, Now we are at my all time favorite! I love that it is vintage but most of all it has cats! Any one who knows me well knows my husband is keeping me from being the crazy cat lady. I keep this put up with my Christmas stuff because if not I would wear it all year long and wear it out.

 Heidi from
is doing a apron hop where you can show off your aprons. Check it out, there are a lot of apron posts to see.  If you have aprons you would like to share head on over to Heidi's Apron Hop. The more the merrier.


  1. You have some lovely aprons. My mother always wore an apron when she was in the kitchen. :)
    Be a sweetie,

  2. I LOVE them all but especially the chicken aprons! :)

  3. I love all of your aprons in the collection! Thank you Michelle for including those made by me it makes me smile. Love ya!

  4. My favorite is your wonderful "DollyBuilt" Rooster apron, though that kitty one Rick got you for Christmas is a close second in my book. You will be getting a new apron from me soon. I am working on it this weekend... By our next visit you'll be wearing it. :)

  5. That's quite a collection! The chicken ones are so pretty. I have worn the same one for 5 years. It's time for a new one. Thanks for sharing your apron eye candy. :-)

  6. Thanks for sharing! You know how I love aprons. My favorite is the green gingham chicken one because rickrack makes everything better! Although that Christmas kitty one is darn cute, too. I've been wearing the same utility apron for years. They're impossible to wear out, so don't be afraid to enjoy the pretty ones! :)