Thursday, March 13, 2014

A wonderful Surprise from a blogger friend

I got a great surprise  from Kristina

She sent me a lovely letter and book. I really enjoyed reading her letter. Now days letter writing has almost become a lost art. The book is titled Promise land. It is a moving pioneer saga that tells the story and courage of three woman trying to make it during this time period. I will be enjoying it this evening with a good cup of coffee.  I have written her a letter back. I forgot how nice it was just to set down and write a letter.
 Even with cell phones, people really don't communicate anymore. It's all about short texts. We are all guilty of this. I only know of two friends that actually talk on the phone the rest text.   We are slowly learning how not to interact with others. Which is truly sad. Kristina thank you not only for the book, but for opening my eyes  to the joy of letter writing again.


  1. You are welcome. I can't wait to get your letter too. Hope you like to book.

  2. Writing letters and talking to people is truly becoming a lost art! I'm glad Kristina took the time to write and that you wrote back. :)
    I refuse to text. If you can't call me on the phone, it must not be very important! LOL!!