Sunday, December 2, 2012

Camping Kitty

 I decided I wanted to take Cleo with us when we went camping. She was little, so transport would be easy. So I thought. It was a two hour drive to the camp spot . She cried almost all the way. It was her first time in a carrier. It was a nice purse type carrier. It had a comfy plush floor in it. Three of the four sides were screened so she could see out. I tried petting her thru the door to calm her down. I think it only made it worse. Almost at the end of the trip I left her in the back seat and didn't look at her or try to calm her. She fell asleep. As long as I didn't pay attention to her she didn't cry. Lesson learned. The trip back home was so much better. She cried a little at the beginning of the trip, but that was it. 

 When we first got to the camp site she had to check ever thing out. But soon realized camping was for relaxing. She did do a lot of sleeping during the day. We soon learned she did this so she could torment us at night. One am is not play time.
 She had a great time. We also took her, to give her time away from the dogs. Sabrina loves to follow her around and lick the day lights out of her. I sometimes wonder if she is checking her out for dinner. Poor cat her back is always wet.
Cleo had her nose in Rick's oatmeal. We just couldn't convince her that Oatmeal wasn't for cats.
 We was never able to take her outside with us. The noise and people freaked her out to much. But that may be for the best. Over all she is going to make a great camping kitty.


  1. A camping kitty, how cute!! Cleo is precious, and sounds like a lot of fun!!

  2. I love the pictures of her sleeping and trying to share dad's oatmeal!! :)
    When we moved from CA to AZ, we brought our cat. Ten hours in the car with her crying most of the time...

  3. Hi Michelle, thanks for your visit! Your little Cleo is so precious. I would share my oatmeal with her. She's a cute little camping buddy!

  4. Awww! Cleo is one cutie patootie!