Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kids always surprice you.

I have not been in the Christmas spirit this year,due to many reasons. One of which was feeling I was only good for cooking and cleaning as far as my kids were concerned. I know all parents go thru this at one time or another. But it just hit me hard this year. My daughter changed those feeling tonight.
 I was making candy for a party when I burnt my wrist by dropping boiling sugar on it. I sent her to get  gauze to wrap my wrist. She came back not only with the gauze but also burn ointment to relieve the pain.
She then went into the kitchen and finished making the candy for me. As I set on the sofa she walked in the room with a cup of coffee for me. Yes there is a Santa Clause. In that one action she gave me back my Christmas spirit.


  1. Yes, they can surpise you in unexpected ways! Very sweet!!!

  2. Yes they can surprise and what a nice surprise that was. But it just goes to show what an awesome parent you are that she learned to take care when needed.

  3. how lovely!! someday they will realize how little it takes to make us happy...