Wednesday, April 18, 2012

They would eat it and love it!

Have you ever had one of those days where you thought nothing would ever work out. I did. That was how this dish was born. I had worked all day. We were so busy that I hadn't gotten to eat,so I was starving. Walk out of work planing to grab my favorite fast food. Wasn't meant to be. My car decide to have issues. I was lucky to make it home. Only to find  that my husband had forgot to put out the meat to thaw like I asked him. Can this day get any worse? yes! No coffee. I am sorry but you should never leave a worn out, stress out woman with out coffee. She can turn on you. Especially when you ask whats for dinner and your the one who forgot about the meat! At this point I didn't care how dinner  tasted. They would eat it and love it.  I just started grabbing things that looked like they would go good together. I had left over shrimp from making pot stickers. Asparagus from last nights dinner, so began this dish. My family disappear from sight. Probably self preservation on they part. Dinner was served. I waited for the comments. I am happy to say dinner turned out great. They loved it. And the best part was  the fresh cup of coffee in my hands ( made by my husband)  and the sound of my girls doing dishes. I guess the day can get better.
1/2 pound of shrimp ( cooked)
 Fresh asparagus  ( 1 bundle chopped )
1 tomatoes ( chopped)
green onions ( chopped)
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoon olive oil
 1/3 cup Chardonnay ( white wine)
1 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
2 teaspoon Italian seasoning
spaghetti noddles.
1 pint heavy whipping cream

 Start the pasta . Have your asparagus cooking in the microwave in a bowl of water until soft. Melt butter in the pan add  the olive oil, asparagus,  wine, garlic ,  green onions, and tomatoes.  Saute  till the wine has reduces . Add your heavy whipping cream  and seasoning to the pan.  You may need to add more spices depending on your taste. Stir and simmer till the flavors come together. Add shrimp cook until the shrimp is warm. Serve over the noddles. Sprinkle Parmesan on top.

 The picture shows my daughter plate. We took the tomatoes off her plate, due to the fact she doesn't like them.  The amounts are an estimate of what I used,since I wasn't following a recipe.  It funny how you can make great dishes when your upset.  Or in my case just a very bad day!


  1. oh man, I've had those days! Glad to see something good came from it.

    Thanks for sharing

    Alecia @

  2. Hi Michelle
    Oh i had many a days like that. Now that we stay busy outside and the days are getting longer, i have been making a habit of having mystery dinners, just throw things together and it turns out fine. Have a good weekend. Love your background, it took a long time to load up for me, but i love it.

  3. It's always fun to see what we can "come up with" out of necessity! Sorry your day was so lousy but at least you didn't have to do the dishes too! :)

  4. Sounds yummy!!!

  5. OH MY!!! I love any pasta with heavy whipping cream!!! ;)

  6. Hey!!! Left you a reply about the giveaway!!