Wednesday, April 11, 2012

She made me post this

 You are a great mom. Every cat in the world would love to be yours. You pets us and love us. There is no better home out there. Our world revolves around you.  What cat could ask for more. OK I said everything you wanted. Can I go now!

 The Cat
PS don't listen to the person typing this post . She has real problems


  1. LOL, This one deserves a little kitty treat now!

  2. LOL!! I agree with Kathy, this kitty deseves a treat!

  3. Wow for a minute there I thought my dogs were on your blog, lol. Smart kitty!

  4. Oh Lordy, Michelle! She's too stinkin' cute! My cats have been too tired the last couple of days to pressure me into anything, but I'm sure they'd make me post something similar. LOL Hope all is well and that you have an awesome weekend! ~Mary