Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homemade dish soap

 I have read a lot of post about homemade laundry soaps. If I could save a lot of money that way why not on dish soap. I started watching videos on making it at home. This one had the best information  out of all the videos I watched. Sat I will be getting my supplies to make my own batch. I'll let you know how well it works.


  1. Hope it works well for you ! Have a Happy Easter weekend !

  2. Hi Michelle! I purchased the " stuff " to make my own last week, but still haven't gotten around to it... I'll keep my eye on how you do! It does seem pretty easy!

  3. Yes, please give us an update on how you like it!

  4. This sounds easy and I may give it a try!
    Thanks for posting this video...I came to your blog via
    DEB's farm girl hop.


  5. Thanks so much. I'm heading out soon to see if I can find that soap. We still have to keep Dawn around for sanitizing goat supplies (along with bleach) but this would save me lots of money.