Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thoughts from my head

Why are we the ones to worry over things we can't change . How many times have we as women worried about something  we can't control. Like our kid losing their minds. They make decisions that seriously have us wondering who took over my child's mind.  It doesn't matter that they are adults and have been living on their own. Nope, that little evil gene in our head goes off. His whip in hand, he starts whipping those little thoughts into your head. The sky is falling. The sky is falling. Now, the kids on the other hand just breeze thru life's challenges.  Lets see, it only cost me two sleepless nights. Not bad this time.
Kids aren't the only thing. NO. We worry about our weight. We look in the mirror and complain to ourselves. How did I get this way. We find ourselves watching weight loss shows. Sitting on the sofa  watching The Biggest Loser making promises to ourselves that we will start working out tomorrow. As the ice cream resting on our belly begins to melt.  Why do we put our selves thru that. It's just another thing to worry about.  Besides ice cream taste really good!
We worry about our relationships. What if this happens or that happens. Things happen. We can either make it better, live with it, or end it. What we can't do is change it by worrying about it. That would be to easy. Just think if we could quite worrying. We could put Bayer out of business. But then again we have that evil gene working over time in our heads. So probably not.
Worrying can be good. We just tend to over do it.  How often do you see men worrying over their weight. Or asking does this make me look fat. I can't recall a time my husband lost sleep over worrying . How many recliners have been worn out over men taking naps just before bed time.
This leads me to believe that when God was adding worry to our gene make up. Some wonderful man stood up and offered to let us have his part of the worry gene. Wasn't that sweet of him.
That's my theory. What if I am wrong you ask. Let a man worry about it. I've done my time.


  1. Too funny Michelle! In my house, my husband DOES do all the worrying and I'm forever telling him to quit fretting over things he has no control over! LOL!!

  2. So he was kind enough not share his worry gene.