Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life of a cat

 This is Kite. If he wants your attention and you don't give it. He will jump on your back. He knows right where to get so you can't get him off on your own. My daughter was late for work one day, due to the fact that no one was home to help get him off.
 Dusty loves boxes. Any box will do. She loves Christmas. All those boxes.
Buttercup is my hunter. She roams all night. Then comes in to eat drink and sleep. We are just a hotel for her. She does pay her way with mouse. I just wish they weren't half eaten and on my bathroom rug.
Who ever says cat don't have personalities has never had a cat.


  1. Yes, they have a good life! Buttercup is lovely! I agree, whoever says that cats don't have a personality has never had a cat! They don't have just a little bit of personality, they have loads and loads!

  2. Aw, what cute cats! They do have personalities.