Friday, July 13, 2012

This is just not right.

I know my raised bed wasn't deep enough for some of my carrots. But this is just crazy. It is deeper then 3 inches. I don't know why it curled up. 
 These are the other ones I picked. Their finger carrots. They only  should grow  5 to 8 inches.  These did great. I just can't figure out what happen to that carrot. It started turning up after it grow 3 inches . Any ideas.  I am lost.


  1. To reach the water source, maybe?

    A carrot is a taproot. If the water wasn't below it any more, then the root had to adjust to obtain water. Maybe the water was draining differently for that carrot.

  2. Got me, I never have ANY luck with carrots!

  3. Maybe it just wanted to come back up to the surface? Maybe it didn't like being dirty?? Not much of a green thumb.

  4. Orbit, thanks for the laugh.
    Candy thanks for dropping by. It's always good to hear from you.
    Val thanks for the information.Visited your site really enjoyed it.

  5. a rock or a another root in the way? looks like a beautiful harvest!

  6. Came across your blog from Kristina at Pioneer Woman at Heart. I've never seen a carrot do that...crazy..