Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tips for the garden.

 This garden idea came from Kathy.She has a great blog called Moving on to the past. If your not following it. It's worth checking into. All this project  needs is 6 feet tall post and fishing line. The amount of post depends on how much ground you want to cover. Set your poles where you want them. Then string the line around the poles. One near the top of the post and one near the bottom.  The deer can't see the line when they hit it, so it confuses them and scares them off.
I found out first hand this works. We had 3 deer in our yard and it did spook them. So far the deer have stayed out of the front garden. My neighbor wasn't so lucky. They eat all her roses.
 This one came from Heidi ( my Simple Country living ) We were fighting ants. LOTS OF ANTS . We would put dyatamasus earth down.  Yes I know it is spelled wrong. But I warned you a long time ago I couldn't spell .( Isn't  it fun guessing what the crazy lady is writting) The ants would just move to a new home in our yard. Heidi had us mix  the misspelled word with powder sugar. The ants would eat it .They would also take it to their Queen. So you end up killing the whole mound.
This one was my own idea. I always have problems telling the different between my watermelon and weeds. I have pulled up more then one watermelon thinking it's a weed. Now I know right where they are at. These are lids from my canning jars. After they get so big, I will remove the lids. Weeds watch out! I know who you are!  Well that it. All my so called great wisdom.  Have a great week everyone.

 I messed up the ant tip. It is Borax and powder sugar mixed together. This is why you should  reread your comments before posting them. 


  1. For ants we use pet friendly ant traps same idea but in a tin with tiny holes for them to get into and carry it to the nest! Loved this post it was cute, dont worry I cant spell either we all know what you mean lol . I have done that with some plants to , mistaken the plant for a weed , god help us on this eh? we will have a garden full of weeds and no plants lol . Oh well gotta be a country crazy person it goes hand in hand lol ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. Excellent idea using the canning rims. Love it!

  3. Great ideas! Haven't we all pulled up a plant thinking it was a weed?!? LOL!!

  4. I am so glad the fishing line is working out for you!

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