Thursday, May 17, 2012

The bees were busy

My best friend Heidi ( ) has bee hives. She started out with two, but now has 4. Her hives are growing really quickly. Yesterday she had a swarm.Which means she has new queens. So she had to start a new hive. I am not use how it works.Heidi will be posting the whole process on her site. It's well worth checking out. A lot of great pictures.

The honeycomb you see on the plate came from one of her hives. The dark you see is honey. I am planning to make a small candle out of the wax, The honey inside will give it a nice smell.  I did get a nice little surprise. Heidi had put it in a plastic bag.So when I went to get it out I got honey on my fingers. The heat in the bag must of melted the honey in the comb. My fingers never tasted better. I can't wait to get a whole jar. Biscuits,pancakes,and waffles smothered in honey YUM. I need to quit  day dreaming. I am making my self really hungry.


  1. Yum, yum, yum! Looks so golden and tasty.

  2. I love beeswax candles, if only we had smell-o-vision! Please show us your completed project! :)

  3. Stop please. You're making me hungry too. I can hardly wait til we have enough honey to take some. I know you'll make heavenly things with it...