Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Make the world stop. I want off !

I have had. I want the world to go a way. Just for a day or two. Let me have some time without my head wanting to explode. It started out innocent enough. Just a few little things.  The hose broke and  we had to build a fence to keep the deer out. I can handle this no problem. The deer are out of my front garden. That's wonderful right? WRONG! Since they couldn't get into my garden, they ate most of the fruit and leaves off my peach tree. But wait it gets better. I walk out to my garden to enjoy my plants and I noticed my cucumbers are losing their color. That the green is just fading away. These are not the things I wanted to come home to after a bad day at work. Have you ever hear the saying "1 step forward 2 steps back." Well somebody better revise that to 1 step forward and 10 back. Who ever came up with that saying never really had a BAD Day.

Finally, I am done with my busy day. I sit down at the dinning table with my laptop. I have a relaxing evening planed of getting to know the girls in the homestead group I had just joined. Heidi had told me how to bring the group's board up. I did as she said, only to be sent to every web search that was ever invented. I would go to one then it would send me to another. One very big viscous circle. I just wanted to throw the thing through the door. But my husband was sitting right there and he might of got a little upset.
(I interrupted this post due to Heidi calling me back from earlier call) 

Poor Heidi. She always has to fix my mess. I started asking a LOT of questions. Which did no good because she really needed the computer in front of her to do anything. She said she would be right over. I made a pot of coffee. If I have taken her out of her house at 8pm. I should at least  have coffee. I knew I  probably frustrated her, especially since I mess up a lot on my computer. And she has to bail me out. It turned into one big mess for her too. For one thing they had me get a goggle e-mail account I didn't need. Then they did the same thing to Heidi that they did to me. She also got locked into that viscous circle. Yay, for once it wasn't my fault. Any way to make a long story short it took the poor woman almost an hour to fix it. Heidi  saved my computer from being scrap metal. 
Now I will say good night to all before any thing else can go wrong.


I just found out this didn't post last night.
They say that bad days follow from one person to the next so if you end up having a bad day today, I'm apologizing in advance.



  1. LOL! I loved reading this post Michelle. You can make any story fun and interesting. Okay, so tell me, were you able to view the homesteading group after I left???

  2. Oh Michelle!! {{HUGS}} I hope today went a little better for you!

  3. Girl today has to be better. I wish Heidi lived close to me and you too oh and Candy C we would have so much fun...love ya all from afar.

  4. It can only get better . I hate days like this makes me want to just go to bed and hide ! Hope your days get better !

  5. Either that or stand in the middle of a room and scream ! Done that before the four legged furbabies looked at me as if I had two heads ! Hope your day is better now !

  6. Some days are like that! One frustration after another...makes you eager to go to bed so you can start all over again!

    Hope it's getting better!


  7. Hope the days since you posted this have been better!