Monday, March 26, 2012

Tehachapi Train Depot


This was what our train depot looked like in the middle of its renovation's The train Depot has been here almost since the start of the town. It needed a lot of work

They had just finished the renovations to the outside and were working on the inside. When it caught on fire, due to fire works. A group of people accidentally aimed a roman rocket  at it. Since they saved and used as much of the old wood as they could. It didn't take long for it to go up in flames.

These are pictures of the depot after it's second renovation.About a year and a half later.

The benches carry the names of the donors. We couldn't of done it with out them.

They also added tables and chairs for tourist to enjoy the day. Or have a nice lunch before going inside. Please join me on a tour inside the depot.

Scales and wagon used to put trunks on the train.

Lanterns used for signaling

Pictures on the walls are of crew and thier work days

This was the waiting room for the train.

Office of the head of the depot.

This is a model of the Tehachapi Loop. they raffled it off during one of our festivals

these are some of the items the train would carry.

Items used on the train.

This is a old picture of the train depot. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks for visiting a small part of my town.


  1. Wow, they did a wonderful job repairing it. Looks like a fun place to visit too.

  2. What a nice renovation job! Thanks for the tour! :)

  3. What a great tour. I love visiting places like that. It's a shame that the original building burned during renovation, but the new building looks great. So much history. Loved all the displays.

  4. Would love to visit some day. I always love historical things like this! Thanks for sharing it.