Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reason number 5 . WhyI love my husband.

This is a matted picture I found for $39.  The store was going out of business, and the owners were retiring which made for some great deals. I set the picture up against my dinning room table so you could see  how tall it is( 49 in tall by36 in wide ). I know that's big, but it had a cat on it! Who can pass that up?  We took the picture to a frame shop to have it framed. I was still chocking on the price when we walked out. They wanted $360 for a basic frame and plexiglass. I don't know about you...but even if I had that much to spend on a frame I wouldn't.
So my wonderful husband volunteered  to make me a frame. He had never made one before,but was willing to give it a try. 

  He added a rope detail to it. Which ended up adding a little class to the frame.

 Rick spent his whole weekend off, working on my frame. He made sure I was happy with each step before he moved on to the next.  Who know making a frame could make me feel so special.

  Here is the finished project. Sorry about the glare. I took several pictures  but could never get rid of it I also notice after I posted the picture that he forgot to wipe his finger prints off from when he hung it.

  This is a close up of the frame.  It turned out so much better then the basic one they wanted for $360.  I am so happy. I love the way it turned out!


  1. I saw it in person and it's wonderful. The miters are perfect. Awesome job as usual. He's pretty lucky to have you too my dear. You spoil eachother mutually. Love ya!

  2. He did a nice job! I have a hard time with cats- I love them and would buy everything with a cat on it. Now, can you give us a blog post on HOW to get our husbands to do this for us? Mine will build a whole room addition for a friend-for free, on his own time- but not finish trimming out a door for me! LOL

  3. Rick did a wonderful job on the frame. I LOVE it! And the rope was just the perfect touch.

  4. What a beautiful frame, he did such a great job!! :) Love the picture too!

  5. The frame looks beautiful. You have a wonderful husband:)


  6. It's lovely! You'll have to bake that man some cookies!
    Ann @ Suburban Prairie Homemaker

  7. he dis a lovely job, it is perfect! Prettier then anything you could have bought pre was made with love...can't be beat.

  8. Michlle,
    your picture is adorable, I can see why you couldn't pass it up! Your hubby did a fabulous job on the frame, it's gorgeous! I'm with you, I'd never pay that even if I had the money either! It looks great on your wall!

  9. It's beautiful! I LOVE cats as well. What a savings a what a kind husband! That picture will always be extra special for sure!