Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My seeds have arrived!

When my husband brought in the mail today, he handed me a package from Clint Black . ( )  My seed packets were here! I couldn't wait to see what I won. I tore into that package like a hungry dog. I did get a few surprises.
I never know you could get basil  Lime seeds. The peppers on a stick struck me as funny. OK, I have a warp sense of humor. They will be fun to add to my flower garden.I do have to check to see if they are dangerous to animals.
I have never used heirloom seeds before. So this will be a fun learning experience. The first packet is the Big Max pumpkins. The package says they can weigh up to 100 pounds. I won't be picking  these! That will be part of the honey due list for my husband.
Heidi grew these heirloom tomatoes last year. She made a enchilada sauce that was to died for out of them. I was luck enough to get a few bottles. My daughter comes home to raid my kitchen  time to time.  I have only a few thing she can't take. This is one of them.  I have a big HANDS OFF written on the only two jars I have left.(  Hint, Hint, Heidi.)
I can't wait to share these with my BFF Heidi. Clint thank you again. I am going to have so much fun growing these this year.


  1. Thats great ! Hope all grows wonderfully for you! Have a great day !

  2. Oh my Michelle,
    Those seeds look awesome. The big max pumpkins are the ones I grew last summer and gave you. I did not thin them, that;'s why ours were only 35 pounders. Remember the little one in the hammock off the ground. lol. I am so excited for you. You're gonna have to get started ASAP for the tomatoes indoors. It's so exciting. What a nice guy Clint is.

  3. I love these seeds, and the illustrations. The black krim is great! Just remember what you are planting nearby. We try to keep all heirloom so there's no accidental cross pollination with those yucky GMO seeds. We find the heirlooms don't have as long of a shelf life but we tend to either use them right away or do lots of canning.

  4. It was my pleasure. I am so glad you liked them. I think I am gonna do the same drawing every year at the same time. I think my wife's idea of calling it the "red Carpet Give Away" will be it, lol! You will have to show us your bounty when it comes in. I was just thinking this morning if they had came. Well get with it with your peppers, lol! God Bless!

  5. What a nice assortment of seeds! Congrats to you for winning and kudos to Clint for doing the giveaway!

  6. Wow look at those packages - those are really awesome! I hope you get some great veggies from these. :)

  7. Michelle - thank you for always being so sweet. And I have not packed away the porcelain/china dolls yet because they are so beautiful. I finally admitted that I have been keeping the out for my own enjoyment! It makes me realize that my daughters will probably one day long to have them back, so I will be packing them, eventually, and keeping them around...for as long as it takes! :-) Your seeds have got to be such fun to get in the mail. I just finished planting a ton of seedlings, but I'm kind of sad about being kind of in the middle with having our house up for sale and not having an area on our acreage ready for seedlings. It will definitely be a challenging growing season for us.

    I sure wish I had a taste of that sauce! :-) I bet it is incredible.