Friday, March 16, 2012

Bloom and Doom

                         Look at all those blossoms. I would love to see them on Monday.
This is the storm rolling in. We are expecting snow, rain and cold weather all weekend. Not good for fruit trees and plants.Hopefully we are able to save them.
 We found drawstring tarps at Home Depot . They looked like our best option. We  lost some flowers putting it on,but that's better then losing them all. This one is our plum tree.

We also covered our peach tree. I am not worried about our three apple trees since they haven't flowered yet.
 I also had to cover my onions and carrot. The lettuce and cabbage should be ok. They have been snowed on before.
The carrots already have small leafs poking out of the ground. Wish me luck that nothing freezes. And my blooms live to see another day.


  1. Oh I do hope your plants and bushes will be ok ! We have had summer like weather and will for the weekend right now we have thick fog that just rolled in . We live 6 minets away from the north shores of lake Erie in Ontario Canada and thats where the fog is comming from ! Tomorrow is to be sunny and warm so yard work it will be ! Good luck with the weather there and again I hope it doesnt damage your plants. Have a good day !

  2. I hope everything makes it through for you guys! The storm is headed our way but it isn't supposed to be too awfully cold.