Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring comes early for Sabrina . To Kite's joy!

 Sabrina has already started to lose her winter coat. She usually doesn't start till middle of March  or first of April.  So spring is early this year or the warm weather is fooling her.

The bad thing is all the hair and brushing.  I got all this hair in just 15 minutes. I had only did half of one side.  You could hide a small dog in there.
 This is the floor after Sabrina had enough and walked away. After a while the brush irritates her skin. So we have to brush her in shifts.  
And a course Kite( aka trouble ) had to be right into the middle of things.
Have you ever tried cleaning up hair while a cat thinks it's his play toy?

I tried sweeping around the cat. That didn't work. He started attacking the broom.  I finally had to lock him up ,so I could clean up the hair. You should of seen the look I got when I let him out.


  1. LOL!! The cat cracks me up! They love to play with anything that's NOT a toy!
    Our dog has already shed out his undercoat. He's an outside dog and we *could* still get some major cold weather!

  2. We have a Springer Spaniel and she sheds so much in the winter, the floor always looks like that if we don't sweep everyday! lol

  3. LOL I hope Sabrina is correct and not just fooled! Aren't cats just the funniest things! Give them a paper bag and they are good for days! ;-)

  4. Hi Michelle. Thank you for stopping by Lakeshore Cottage Living and for following me. I am following you back now. Have a great weekend....looks like there is a lot of hair to clean up! lol


  5. Hilarious. I am living through this exact situation, all the way down to the cat having to be in the middle of the hair. It's maddening isn't it. lol

  6. Wow! That is so much hair! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Ha. Ha. Our black lab has the downy undercoat and sheds like this two or three times a year. We take him outside to comb him and the hair flies, sticking in the grass. Sometimes it sticks there for days on end because there's so much. Thanks for visiting and following. I'm following back. Looking forward to getting to know you via blogland.

  8. WOW, That's alot of hair! Now following you via Linky Followers. Thanks for stopping by

    Mrs. Delightful