Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shrimp Pot Sticker

This is a post I did a while back. Although when I went to look for it ,it had been deleted. Luckily I had saved it on my recipes page. So I am reposting it for myself and for those reading this blog.  This is one of my all time favorite recipes.

My husband loves pot stickers, I use to buy them from the store ,but they weren't that good. Then I started buying them from the Schwan's guy. They were good but got to be really expensive. So I decided to make my own. I found a great recipe and changed it a little to make it my own. My family and friends  love them. And it saves me a lot of money. I never knew how easy they were to make.

1 and1/2 pounds of cooked Shrimp or 1 pound of any other cooked meat you may like.
4 chopped green onions
4 cloves roughly chopped garlic or 1 teaspoon of minced garlic.( Optional)
1 eggs and one egg white.
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
Wonton wrapper. There are normally around 60 in a package. ( Don't worry they freeze up really well)
 One husband or friend to do the frying.


Put everything in a food processor and pulse until combined and minced.
Wet all four sides of your wonton wrapper.
Place about 1/2 of teaspoon of filling in the middle.

Fold over to make a triangle. Gently push filling to the middle. Making sure to seal it all along the edges. This is very important. If it doesn't seal it will leak.  Your water helps to make it seal. Don't worry they seal really easy .

Place in a pan with a little oil They cook up really  fast. So make them all up at one time,placing them on a lightly floured sheet pan. Or have someone cook them as you make them up. I love my assistant. He looks so cute in his apron.

These freeze up great. I usually make a big batch for the freezer so I always have some on hand for lunches and snacks. But they still never seem to last long.


  1. Recipes are always good! My husband is the good cook and he'd love these. He made something similar but it was vegetables and used the wonton wrappers to make rectangular packets before frying. I love these!

  2. Love the US Air Force hat! We're an Air Force family too!

  3. Yum! This looks great. And I love a good freezer meal. I'm gonna have to give this a try soon. Thanks for sharing at the Homestead Blog Hop!