Thursday, May 14, 2015

UPDATE: Trailer is totally finished and ready for camping.

 A couple of years ago we visited Ricks dad in Arizona  . He is a snow birder, they spend every winter in Quartzite Arizona. While there I meet a lady that had redone her trailer to look as close to a home as possible. It was lovely and very inspiring. After we got home I couldn't get the look or feel of her trailer out of my head. So I set off to do the same thing on a budget.

 Our friend Kent made this head board for us ( that was not on a budget but so worth it). I just love it. The white curtains were found in a yard sale. The valance is done with fabric I got on sale. All I did was staple the fabric over the valance. The pillow were  some I no long us in the house.

 The hunters quilt at the foot of the bed was a gift I made for my husband.The mirror was a sore spot with my husband. He doesn't care for mirrored closet doors. To fix this I bought a roll of frosted window covering.  My talented daughter drew  the trees and moose for me. Then it was just peeling the backing off and applying it to the mirror.The bear in the right corner was also done by our friend Kent.

 This was so simple. We bought these decorated pieces from Home Depot and with a little stain and liquid nails we were done.
 You would never know they didn't come with the trailer.

 Pictures really added to that home feeling. As you can see we also took down the valances off the windows and added curtain I found at the dollar store.  I still can't believe I got them for only a dollar. Rick added the shelf above the window and behind the sofa for me. It's so nice to have somewhere to set my coffee cup.
 The tin on the kitchen wall was bought on sale at Home-Depot. Very easy to put up. I also add white curtains that were given to me and used some old fabric for the valances.
 We tore the carpet up and added a fake wood flooring. It's one of my favorite things we did. 
 It's amazing how little things like a small quilt or simple tablecloth can make a space.
When we bought the trailer they had cup holders between the chairs. We removed it and added this reading table from Lowe's.  We pretty much set in these chairs in the evening. The lamp is perfect for reading. The top of the foot stool comes off for more storage. It was also bought on sale. I love a good sale. I fell like I pretty much accomplished. what I intended to do.  For me it feels like our home away from home. Can't wait to take it out this summer/


  1. Very cozy - Looks like the perfect home away from home!

  2. What a great job all of you did on this! What fun, I know you're going to enjoy this for sure!