Monday, July 14, 2014

Garden tour

 I thought I would show  my garden today. I am so happy with how it's doing this year. The green beans  were growing so high that we had to add more netting. We got our first harvest last night. The flavor was so good. It's still early, but I can see a lot of caning green beans in my future.
 These are my spaghetti squash plants. I still have 3 squashes from last year in my garage. These thing keep a long time. This year I will be dehydrating a lot  of it. At the end of the row those spiky things are my rosemary plants.
 My corn is doing wonderful. It's a lot taller then it looks in the picture. I am 5 "6 and It reaches just above my head.

 My nectarine tree has fruit on it for the first time this year.  I don't eat them so hopefully my husband will know when they are ripe.
 My peach tree was a surprise this year. The tree is only 2 years old and it's first bloom, but it's loaded. YA!!!!

My poor apple tree is losing the fight with the birds. It's to big to get netting around it. Hope they save us some.
I see plum jam in my future. I can't wait for them to get ripe.
The raised beds are doing great. Those two bush looking plants on the right and left are my tomato plants. Under them I planted onions in one and carrots in the other. The big plant in the middle is my zucchini. I am getting three to four a day.  I also have strawberries, cucumbers,  cantaloup, and purple beans. The pea plants(  front left of the picture ) still need to be pulled up.Their season is over. That will get done tomorrow. Haven't decided what to replace them with yet.
Pulled up my potatoes plants a couple of days ago. We figured all together we got about 45 pounds out of our 4x4 bed.  I found a bowl in the corner of the garage with potatoes that had spouts growing out of them. I figured why not plant them and see what happens. So we now have an experiment  in the works. Will keep you up dated. 

Thank you for touring my little garden with me. Have a great week.


  1. I sure did enjoy this garden tour! Beautiful I'll bet you'll have great green beans canned along with all of the fruits and squash.

  2. Hi, I came over from Faye Henry's blog. It was pure enjoyment to see the pictures of your garden and all the things you do with it. We have a garden and so far so good. Thank you for allowing me to come here today.

  3. i love this post. I really enjoy this garden tour. All look so healthy and so promising. You should prepare a big storing room to put on your bountiful harvest. Great job!

  4. We haven't pulled the potatoes yet but yours sure did well! We had so much rain and cold weather this spring and into summer that I neglected to keep layering so I'm not hopeful. The zucchini is doing great here too. You're doing so well with your fruit trees too. Congrats

  5. Thanks for the tour, so beautiful.

  6. Nice garden! You just reminded me to pull my garlic and hang it. I'm a bit late.

  7. All of it looks gorgeous! My fig tree is being attacked by birds...guess they gotta eat. too...