Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who knew I would become a Rooster Wrangler.

 So begins  my  tell of a run away rooster. I had just turned on my street when I saw a white rooster cross the road(insert joke here) into the neighbors yard. As soon as I turned into my drive I yelled for my daughter to grab her shoes and coat and come help me. While she did that I grabbed the big dog carrier that we keep near the coop and a jar of chicken scratch. By the time I got back to the street it had disappeared. We slowly walked down the street till we spotted the bird. I do want to point out that we have had no rain or cold weather all winter till today. Yes I have that kind of luck. We found him in a field with no plans of leaving it. So began the game of chase the rooster. Which he was winning.
Suddenly the light blub in the dark recesses of my brain kicked on.  I got him close to the carrier then made a small trail of scratch to the door with a big pile of it in the middle of the carrier. My daughter and I stayed on either side of the carrier to make sure he at least stayed in the area. We waited patiently  and sure enough he walked right into the carrier.
  The next hour was spend going around the neighborhood and stopping at ever house that had a coop in the back yard. I finally found the owner of the rooster. After fighting to get the rooster in the carrier, we couldn't get him out! We even turn it upside down and he still wouldn't come out.  How he was able to stay in there I don't know. We finally had to bang on the side of the carrier so he would fall out.  The rooster is now home safe and I  now carry the title of a official Rooster Wrangler.


  1. Just have to leave and let you know your rooster is stunning...I have always wanted to raise chickens and would love a beauty like yours...

  2. What a story, I'm glad you guys were able to find his home! That was funny about him not wanting to come out...been there, done that! LOL!!

  3. That is a handsome rooster. Glad you found the home he belonged too.

  4. That is so funny, I tell ya the stuff we do in service to critters. He looks a lot like our Silent Bob but I know exactly where he is thank goodness! I hope the folks were very appreciative of your efforts on behalf of their wayward big man.