Thursday, January 23, 2014

Great ideas for making coop cleaning a breeze.

 While cleaning the hen house today I realized that this set up was a great idea. I wanted to share it just in case someone else may like some of the ideas. It would make a great summer project.
  My husband made a box over the nesting boxes then filled it full of sand. He then added a roosting bar. So every morning all I have to do is scoop out the box with a cat scooper. It makes daily clean up so much easier. Plus a lot less on the ground to walk on.
  He put in a nipple watering system so that they always had clean water . We can add med or apple juice right to the bucket. Add installation and heat tape and we are set for winter.

Our chicken coop is really a shed with double doors so one side is used for storage and the other for chickens. See the box under the nesting boxes  I have to say I love this thing. I just open the door place in under the lip of the shed and sweep everything into it. He put handles on it so I can carry it to the compost to dump it. Everything works together to make clean up a breeze for me.


  1. Great ideas Michelle! I especially like the "litter box" under the roost!! :)

  2. these are great tips, i will pass these to my neighbor who has a coop. There's does not look like this and it would be great to see it cleaned up a bit.

  3. I just have to giggle. I've never had chickens and probably won't ever have any so I've never thought about what it would take to keep their house clean! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)