Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Heidi's craft swap has arrived

I am featuring Heidi's post on her craft swap with Kristina. She has so many goodies to share with us. Enjoy.
My friend Michelle of the blog Michelle's Little Piece of Heaven had a brilliant idea last month when she hosted her first ever craft swap.  Everyone had a month to plan ,make, buy, and package their offerings and a few more days to ship them to their swap partner.

My box arrived today at my local post office and I nearly RAN all the way there to get it.  Well, I am excited to share with you the amazing handmade goodies I received from my swap partner, Kristina of the blog Pioneer Woman At Heart.  She is one amazing artist.

Enclosed in my box were so many awesome handmade gifts that I now feel a little guilty.  My offering was not so momentous.   Thank you Michelle for having this great idea to share a bit of ourselves with someone new.  It's always nice to make new acquaintances and doubly so when the new friends are fellow crafters, farmers, gardeners, and lovers of the land.  A great BIG thank you sent with many hugs to Kristina for these AMAZING handmade crafts.  I will really enjoy them all.  Here's what she made for me in pictures...

gorgeous crocheted goodies for the kitchen...
beautiful mug cozy flowers, a hand embroidered doily rimmed in beads, and an adorable teacup pincushion. Wow!
This herb drying rack was made from barn wood.  It's a perfect place to hang my keys.
These cards showcase gorgeous images photographed by Kristina
coolest bookmark EVER!
My favorite color, purple!
  These last few items were really neat.  I like lip gloss and have never had a lip gloss satchel before now.  The crocheted bag is a soap keeper designed by Kristina to hold my bar soap in, and even soap scraps to use em all up.  The lily pads are silicone lids that I plan to use in the kitchen when I am storing a bit of this or that in a mason jar in the fridge...

Michelle said it best this morning when I told her about my box.  "Kristina gave you Christmas today" and aint that the truth.  Have a great week friends.

Thank you so much Heidi for sharing your swap with us. Please join Heidi at   She not only host a hop every week. She also has a lot of great post. She has something for everyone.


  1. I can't wait to see what everyone else gets in this swap. Thanks Michelle. It was so much fun.

  2. what cute things...I bought three of those scrubbies with crochet on the edges a few months ago and they are so cute and useful in the kitchen :)

  3. I have been enjoying seeing what you girls have sent to each other! Kristina truly is a lovely lady! :)