Friday, October 14, 2011

How Miss Priss got her name.

This is the story of how Miss Priss got her name. About a year ago I talked my husband into getting chicken.We were fortunate that our Friend had build a new bigger hen house. So we were offer the old one. With a little paint it was like brand new.We added a dog run to it.We have raccoons and coyotes,so we have to lock then up at night. We have a movable fence attached to the dog run  for the day time,for running room.

They also gave us 5 grown chickens. I am so blessed to have them as friends. My neighbors also have chicken and asked what I was going to name them. I had no intention of naming them. To me they were chickens not pets. It,s amazing how thing change in a year. Everything was going great,till the black one started  wanting to lay on the eggs. If you push her out of the nest she would get so mad. Since she couldn't attack me she would torment the other chickens. I in turn would chase her a way from the others. Me yelling at her and her with her feathers all fluffed up. My husband thinks I have  lost my mind. He said just leave them alone and they will work it out. I still have to push her out of the nest 2 or 3 times a day. But I stop chasing her when she goes after the other girls, since I caught my neighbor Ruth Ann laughing her head off. 

Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce you to Miss Priss. Believe me she has earned that name.

My other girls are so sweet.

I had just kick her out of the nest.As you can see she has her feathers all fluffed out.And as you notice the other chicken are keeping thier distance. Miss Priss fits her well.


  1. Hi Michelle!
    How funny! We have one bossy girl too! Lacy Lou!
    Thanks for sharing your story at the farmgirl friday blog hop!

  2. I love the farmgirl friday blog hop. There is so many great blogs that join it. I love reading them.

  3. I think Miss Priss is a perfect name for her! :)

  4. Love it. I have a bossy one too..cute story.