Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drying my own seeds.

  This will be the first year I will be  drying my own seeds for next year. So far I have seeds from my peas, beans, zucc, and corn dried.  I would love to be able to use my own seeds instead of buying them.
I went to Home Depot for the wood and screen to make a drying frame. I was in the screen department when I found this window screen. It turned out to be the best drying screen ever.  If you have a lot to dry it pulls out to double in size. Plus the best part is the wood and screen would of cost me about 15 dollars, this was only 7 dollars.  Now it's just waiting till next year to see if it worked.


  1. Good deal! I remember my grandparents always saved their seeds but don't remember how they did it. I'm proud of you Michelle!

  2. Great job, Michele! I always save y own seeds from my garden. But just keep the mature seeds on the tray for a day then put it in the little bottle or plastic bags