Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cleo's story and boxes

 This is my baby Cleopatches. She is named after( my love ) Patches. Patches died about 4 years ago. To this day I still miss her. After her passing I swear I would never get that close to animal again. Then two years ago I walked into our neighborhood book store and lost my heart. The book store sales new and used books, they also had a corner for cats that were up for adoption. I would go there at least 3 to 4 times a month for books and yes to pet the cats. But I always walked out with out one. I just couldn't bring myself to want another cat.
Then this little thing happened. I was petting the cats,  which I normally did. Then I picked this one up. She went right to my shoulder and curled up into my neck and started purring. My husband turned and walked away. The next thing I know my husband had adopted the cat without even asking me. When I asked him why ? All he said was " If you could of seen your face "
The lady came to take her from my shoulder to weight  her. It was all I could do not to grab her and make her give the cat back to me. That's when the light went off in my head to say "Yes Michelle you have lost your heart again to a cat."
Cleo is not Patches,( No cat could ever replace her ) The one thing they both do share is their independence and stubborn streak.

Cleo loves boxes! Any box works for her be it small or big. This is where her stubborn streak come in. It doesn't matter how many times you take her out of the box she will just get back in. After about the tenth time of trying to get her out of the box I usually give up.  When she is ready and only when she is ready does she come out.  Her independence runs into other areas as well. She only gets petted on her terms and only gives you attention when she is feeling generous. I was hoping that she would be as loving as patches was. But my husband reminded me that Patches was the same way when she was younger. Cleo does have to be where I am . She is always close by, so here's hoping.
Patches will always be my love,but Cleo girl you are a very close second.
 My Love Patches


  1. I'm so glad you have found another cat that needs loving! She'll have a great home and lots of bloggy friends since I'm sure she will appear in many posts!