Saturday, December 14, 2013

My quilt for the Christmas party .

 This was my quilt for Suzie. She loves outdoors stuff and cats. My kind of person.
 Cleo was my little helper. She making sure the quilt is safe.
Don't you love that look. She is upset because she got in trouble for attacking my thread as I tried to sew the binding on.

 It got so late she gave up on me and took a cat nap.
 It is my trash basket ,but she has claimed it as hers.
 I was so happy Suzie liked it. I think the bears and the lights were her favorite part.
This is the one Peggy made for me. We draw names every year. I am so glad she drew mine. I LOVE THIS QUILT!!!!!!


  1. Both are so nice. Two of my girls would love that one with cats on it.

  2. Really nice! Is the one you made paper pieced? I have a book on it but have not tired it yet. Also, the cat quilt is super, I'm a cat fan.

  3. I love quilts and have made just one!! I enjoy scrapbooking and I say that is quilting with paper! That cat is too funny, just has to be in the action!