Saturday, November 9, 2013

Welcome to the third hidden object room. Have fun,

 If your new to the game, here is a brief summary of how it works..  Each room is posted for two days. This room is posted from midnight Saturday to midnight Monday at which time the room will be closed and the fourth and final room will be opened.   You can e-mail your answers to or if your a face book friend you can go to my home page and message me your answer there.  For each right answer you will be given another chance to win . If you wish to see the prizes just scroll down . Good luck everyone.

1) You have to use oil to make me work.
2) I help keep you warm on chilly nights.
3) I gave birth to a very important person.
4)You will find I have black spot.
5) I help keep things clean.
6) I am the baby version of a cake.
7) Kids believe I am hiding under their bed.
8) Come fly with me.
9) I can lend a helping ____ .
10) I hold your coins.

Try and enlarge the page if you cannot see the photo.

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