Thursday, November 7, 2013

Second hidden object room is now closed

Welcome to the second room. If your new to the game, here is a brief summary of how it works..  Each room is posted for two days. This room is posted from midnight Thursday to midnight Saturday at which time the room will be closed and the third one opened.   You can e-mail your answers to or if your a face book friend you can go to my home page and message me your answer there.  For each right answer you will be given another chance in the drawing . If you wish to see the prizes just scroll down . Good luck everyone.

1) You can find me in a English Pub.
2) I carry a presidents face on me.
3) I am man's best friend.
4) You need me to read in the dark.
5) I helped wash your clothes.
6) I tell time.
7) I make a little red light that cats love to play with.
8) you can draw on me.
9) Asian countries use me to eat with.
10) I make tea.

1 comment:

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