Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's time for a new game and give away.

I really enjoy adding a game to my give a ways. So far I have done a Christmas quiz  and Bingo game. This time I am going to try a hidden object game using my own house as the back drop. Each day I will show a new room and a list of objects to find. Each right answer will give you one more chance to win. There will also be a riddle you have to solve , for one of the objects you need to find If there is a tie ,there will be a drawing.   Two days after the room is posted, it will be closed . This will give you a second chance at the room if you miss a day. Every two days I will add another room.  There will be 4 rooms total. Once the room is closed any answers posted will not be counted. All you need to do is E-mail me your answers for each room.  If you are interested in playing please leave a comment in the comment box below. All are welcomed to play. I will be starting the game on  Wednesday morning. I will send out a reminder on Tue of the starting date to all that  wish to play.
First room, wed and Thru
Second room, Fri and Sat
Third room, Mon and Tue
Four room, Wed and Thru
Winner will be announced Fri