Sunday, October 20, 2013

Faith's homemade rolls

These are so good. Mine were gone before I thought to get a picture so this picture is from Faith's own original post. Because of the cold weather we been having I let these raise in my oven with a pan of boiled water like I do for my bread. They rose so nicely.
1 1/2 cups warm water   (110 to 115 degrees )
1 tbs yeast
3 tbs oil
2tsp salt
1/4 cup sugar
3 1/2 cup flour ( t - ) a lot depends on weather or altitude. If sticky add a little flour, if real dry add a little water.

Into a large mixing bowl, goes the water,yeast,sugar and a cup of flour. Cover for about 1/2 an hour it should be really frothy and bubbly.
Then add the salt to the reaming flour stir together then add to your frothy mixture. Let rise for about an hour or till doubled.
Pinch off a bit and roll into a ball. Place in a circle on your cookie sheet. Let rise till double. Bake at 350 ( 20 to 25 minute ). For the shine, brush with egg whites before baking.


  1. They look yummy! I am anxious to make bread again, I don't do it in the warm months. Might have to start with these yummy looking rolls!

  2. Sharin the loven from the oven :) while I bake bread year round, my family loves these at Thanksgiving, I think they prefer I bake these then bread. I'm glad the recipe worked out for you, they are easy peasy arn't they. Hope everybody gives them a try...Thank you for the mention.

  3. When I feel better, I will definitely have to bake these. My family will love me. They look so good.