Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Is it over yet?

Today has been one busy day.
To do List:
1 Cook breakfast. (done)
2 Dishes ( done)
3 Use up apples by make 2 1/2 dozen Apple Raisin Muffins to freeze. ( done)
4 Blanch and freeze green beans. ( done)
5 Wash. ( almost done)
6 Ironing ( not happening in this life time)
7 Make lunch for hubby ( done)
8 Dishes ( done again )
9 Making homemade bread. ( rising)
10 Can and freeze tomatoes. ( done)
11 Cut and freeze bell peppers and onions. ( done. )
12 Dishes ( done. Why did I even bother leaving the sink today. )
13 clean chicken coop. ( Added to tomorrow list )
14 Deep clean and dust. ( Ya, like that's happening today )
15 straighten up my canning and craft stuff in garage. ( not done)
16 Dinner ( to early to start )
17 Dishes ( daughter is in for a BIG SURPRISE. )
!8 Glass of wine. ( On it's way. Just think of it as my Kit-Kat break.)


  1. Wow... your table is full of vegetables. So plentiful garden. I hope my garden like yours. Have a wonderful day on your garden.

  2. It is such a busy time of year!
    Hope you got your break :)

  3. Whew! I'm tired just reading all that! You really got a LOT done. :)

  4. Good grief have you been peeking into my house? Exhausting time of year but winter is just around the corner and those slower cold stitching days are almost here!

  5. Whew! I've got to rest now! You're one super little gal! We'll have to start calling you Super Woman or is it Wonder Woman? :)
    You got so much accomplished. Now I need to know what vitamins you take! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  6. It is a busy time. I feel like I have ran a race this week. :-). I have wine for my kit kat break too. Take a bit of rest this weekend!

  7. This is the love/hate relationship that we all have with our farms. I just slogged through a bushel of apples yesterday. Didn't enjoy that pie for supper as much as the rest of the family. And today...back to tomatoes!