Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cycle of the Seasons

 I have learned not only do the seasons have a cycle, but how we approach our gardens also has a cycle. Around Feb. we start planning our garden. We can't wait until we can start planting. We buy all these seeds of every different kind we can find. We lay them on the counter or put them in our seed box. We still have a couple of months 'till planting. But they call to us, "Come look at me you know you want to plant me." But we are strong. We hold out. Then the dreams come. Sunshine,hot weather, and the birds singing. We're joyously standing there watching our plants grow. Only to be woken by the loud, and persistent alarm clock. March comes and they are still calling us. Too early, but we can get the ground ready! So what if there is still snow? We have shovels! April we're finally able to free our shovel from the frozen ground. They are still calling us. "Come plant me". Mid-April we can't take it anymore. We start them in the house. So what if we no long have table or counter space? And it won't kill our husbands to share the counter space and behind the toilet. For our plants that need the moisture! May they are too big for they pots. Now they are yelling "Plant me out side!" Too early. "Plant me out side!" So we plant them out side. Then there's the cold frames. To keep them warm that our husbands just loved giving up their weekends to make. June  they are doing great. We can relax. All that's left to do is: water, feed, watch for bugs, keep the deer out, catch ground hogs, chase away squirrels, patrol to stop stray cats from using your garden as a cat box...Is the list getting longer or is it just me? July, we find our garden taken over by the zucchini. They are multiplying as if possessed . We freeze them. We make zucc pickles,bread & butter pickles, and relish. But still they come. "Work YES!" We will take them to work and give them to friends. Everyone loves zucchini.  But soon our  friends won't answer their door. Co-works run the other way when they see us. Sept. yes, canning time. So what if our family can't walk thou the kitchen due to the boxes of jars everywhere. The stove is crowded with presser cookers and hot water bath pots. Counters are  covered with our bounty, plus every tool ever made for canning. "DINNER!" Isn't that why they made fast food. Oct.time for our winter garden. Beets, spinach, chard, ect. Feb. time to start planning our garden. We can't wait to plant................. 
I posted this a year  ago. I thought my new follower might enjoy it.

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  1. My garden have a cycle too, but it doesn't extreeme like yours. In tropics area we just have two season dry and rainy season. Both of the season have some differences ...sunshine, temperature, humidity and more. But not extreeme. So we can plant around the year on our home garden. We never canning our garden product, cause we eat all fresh. Thanks for sharing.