Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Good Day

I had a good day today. Nothing fancy just a good day. Ruth Ann and I went antique shopping ,had lunch, then a Star Bucks coffee.  Came home to my husband watching Football and my cat wanting my attention. Cooked a great dinner of Fried chicken, mash potatoes and gravy. Corn grown in my own garden. And of course rolls to sop up the gravy. Maybe I am weird but the smell of chicken cooking , football on the tube and family around is so comforting to me. There is nothing better then the ordinary things in life.


  1. Ordinary is the best. What a great day.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day and an awseome dinner!

  3. Sounds good! For us it was chicken and dumplings, another good comfort food.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful day!! :)

  5. It does sound like a great day!


    1. Went to your blog enjoyed reading about the bowling trip and birthday. There was no where to post a comment or did I miss it.