Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend of great deals

 I had a great weekend. Went yard saleing, something I very rarely have time to do. It was so much fun and I found wonderful deals. I got this cast iron waffle maker for my husband for 6 dollars.He can't wait to use it when we go camping.

This was my best deal ever. We actually were looking at the same design in Solvang. For only 2 of the curtains and the mantel cover it would have cost us about 50 dollars.  The yard sale ones were new and still in the package.

 I was able to not only get the same pattern ,but one more curtain for only 8 dollars total. Yes, I did the happy dance.
 My friend Ruth Ann has a set of these in her kitchen. I am always threatening to steal them. They are now safe. I found the same set for 10 dollars.
 This was just a cute jar for 25 cents.
 These patterns are from the 40 and 50's. The top one is a transfer. I am going to try to talk Heidi into us both making a table cloth with the fruit horn on it. Wish me luck.  Its a huge transfer with the horn and other fall items on it. It was marked for only a dollar.
These two patterns are not for me. I bought these for Willow Farms. ( a blog I follow.)  She loves things from that time era. They even have the original envelope they came in. They were also 1 dollar a piece.
  I was so happy with every thing I found. I need to make more time for yard saleing. Who knows what I'll find next time.


  1. Love love the cast iron wear and vintage patterns in such good shape are so rare. Excited for you!

    1. I was also surprised at the shape of the patterns. Who ever had these never used them.

  2. Michelle, how sweet of you! Those must be mail order patterns, right? Thank you, thank you! I love the styling of that asymmetrical jacket. Perfect for my fall wardrobe!

  3. What a great deal on the curtains and I love the cast iron items! :)

  4. Love those cast iron skillets! The fun designs are new to me-enjoy:@)

  5. Hi Michelle, you did pretty good at the yard sales, I don't get to many, never enough time..Your vintage finds are always jewels, and how lovely you are sending the patterns to a friend...won't she be joyed...:) Thanks for stopping over my place and looking at my is quite large, but worked up quickley....

  6. The cast iron skillets are my favorite of your bargains. How pretty!