Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New chickens

 Now that we have Fort Knoxs  ( our 6x 18 foot coop ) . I felt it was safe to get more chickens.  There is no way a stay dog can get these.  We bought 6 for now. Once we get the new coop we will be getting three more. I wanted to introduce you to my new girls
  The white bird id Kloe.
 This is Bella
 The one on the left is Witchypo. She got her name because when I picked her up ,she tried pecking me.   I may have to change her name . She has gotten a lot nicer. She is missing part of her top beck. It happen when she was a chick.
  My friend Denice named this one. She calls her Henrieta.
 These two still need named. It,s very hard to tell them a part.
If any one has any advice on name please let me know. I am lost for ideas. We are working on  getting them use to us. So we can hold them without stressing them out. A few let me pet them.


  1. Although I don't have any hens yet I still have my names picked out. I'll share them with you in case you care to use any of them. Clara, Dora, Lily, Hyacinth, Briar. Aren't they pretty. I hope my husband builds a coop for me soon.

  2. Hi Michelle, I love your new pen and your new hens are very pretty. Thanks for letting us see them.

  3. I have a Henrietta too! My girls are named Immogene,Birdie White - she is white, Irene, Gladys,Perdita, Desdemona, Little Peep - she was hatched by the duck, and of course Henrietta. The ducks are Clara and Aunt Bea. In the other pen there is Chickendog - acts more like a dog than a chicken, OCD - Other Chicken dog, and the 2 ADD girls. The rooster is Mister. The other rooster, Doc had an onfortunate incident with my husband. I have 3 roosters right now that are unnamed, trying to see who will be the best rooster to keep. Hope these names give you an idea. Sometimes I go with a favorite TV show or book and use those names. I like using those old southern names for my girls and will probably stick with those for awhile.

  4. Your new pen looks so nice..your girls seem to like it!

  5. Your new girls are very pretty! :)
    Unfortunately, I'm no help with names. All my Buff Orpingtons are named "Chicken" because I can't tell them apart! LOL!!

    1. That's the problem I am having with the last two. It's really hard to tell them apart

  6. Your coop looks cozy for the ladies. We have a few reds that we have not named, since we can't tell them apart.