Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Garden sercurity

   Hi my name is Butter cup. I am mom's side  garden security.     I take my job every seriously .
I patrol the area to make sure they all are growing nicely and are undamaged. This is not a dinner for rodents.
Mom and Dad come out every day to check the plants and harvest what is ready. And to refill my water bowl. Mom is worried about me not getting enough water. I think she forgets that I can go thru the doggie door.
You would think as much as they out here,that dad would remember a bowl.
I  lay in the pumpkin patch while the pick the beans. They tend to step on me  other wise. No their not mean. It's just dense  in there. Plus they  can always find me to pet me after words.

Can you find me. I like to hide in the corn. Great place to hide.
How about this one. Believe me I am in there. I am just good at my job.

This has become my favorite spot to sleep. It's right between the corn and the watermelon. I use to sleep between the corn stalks. But after Mom turned the water on me several times because she didn't see me. This seemed safer.
 I was so proud of my last catch. (a very big gopher )That I left it for Mom to see. And  so she could take a picture for me as a keepsake. She wasn't impressed. Ok, maybe if the head wasn't gone. It would have been better. I am a cat we do things like that. Let's  see her catch a gopher! Like that will ever happen.


  1. Cute, I enjoyed this and you have a very good watch cat!

  2. Buttercup, you are doing a fine job with garden security!! You are very lovely and you really seem to enjoy your work! Don't be sad because Mom does not appreciate the nice gopher that you brought her, sometimes people forget to be appreciative of the work that cats do. Keep up the good work, and thanks for introducing yourself to us!!!

  3. Good job Buttercup! You are very good garden security! I did see you hiding in the cornstalks! :)