Monday, December 12, 2011

Sabrina,s bad night.

This is are dog Sabrina, Before I talk about her bad night, I need to give you a little back ground on her.  A man was selling her in front of Albertson. I thought She was pretty,but I already had a dog and two cats.So I had no plans to buy her. Especially for 2 hundred dollars! As we walk into Albertson I saw the boy holding her leash hit the dog in the face. When we came out she was cowering from people.  The boy then kicked her in the side.Not real hard ,but still it made me mad. I couldn't leave the dog there and walk away. So we told him we would buy the dog as long as it didn't attack our cats. He brought the dog to our house. She ran right into our house. She didn't bother our cats and Tana our dog started playing with her. So we bought  her. As they were getting ready to leave I told the father about the boy hitting and kicking the dog. He said boys will be boys. I had plan to find her a good home. I am sure you guessed it, that we're her new home. We cleaned her up and took her to the vet. A few nights later she had a seizure.  We made her an appointment at the vets. She had two more before her appointment. We found out she was beat bad enough ,that it could of caused the seizures. We have had her on meds for the past two years. She has one about once every 3 months. But tonight she had 5 in a row. I stayed with her and petted her head and tried to keep her calm. We have gone thru this before. But they were really bad this time. I was so afraid we would lose her. The vet warned us that she could die from them if they are real several. I know this is bad ! But I really want the old owner to have to go thru a seizure. Just to see what she has to go thru.  We found out she was chained and used only for breeding. The old owner was also abusing her On one final note He showed up about a year ago. He had the nerve to hint that we should of paid more for her. 

I know it sounds weird to ask people to pray for a dog,but we really love her.She is part of our family.


  1. Oh my gosh Michelle,
    I am really sorry to hear about poor Sabrina tonight. I know how much you ALL love her and I am praying she'll be okay. I'll be thinking about you all night.

  2. What a sad story! I'm glad Sabrina found a good home with you and I hope she will be okay!! {{HUGS}}

  3. She is a beautiful dog. It p's me off when people abuse animals, and I think they should have to go through the same things they put their animals through. When I was growing up my dad rescued a horse - the owner was dragging it down the road at abou 30-40mph behind his pickup truck!! Blanking bastard.

    I'm glad you rescued her, and I already said a prayer.


  4. I don't think it's weird at all. The hard thing is to not want to go do something terrible to the previous owner -- like the things I'm thinking of. I'm glad you now own her.

  5. I have said a prayer for Sabrina. Pat

  6. Poor baby, I know it is a little late but I am praying for her now and all the other poor abused animals out there...I hope she pulls thru...I am so very glad she found you to take her in and love her and did not die from a seizure at the end of a chain, over breed, alone and scared...Bless you both and God bring you comfort and peace.


    PS: My guess that the abuser had witnessed a seizure and that is why he got rid of her in such a way.

  7. I am BAWLING!!! You need to make sure that you report him to the Humane Society to at least make them aware of how things are at his house!!!! People are HORRIBLE!!!!!!
    I will pray for you and her!!! We have had SEVERAL av=bused animals!!! They are AWESOME LOVINF PETS!!!!! PLEASE feel free to contact me if you need to VENT!!! or just CRY!!! :(